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Plants in the Bedroom: Pros and Cons



Plants in the Bedroom: Pros and Cons

When we think of a place in the house where to place a plant, the bedroom is certainly not the first option that comes to mind. Although the premise does not seem to be the best, you will be surprised to discover the variety of plants that have beneficial properties, if kept not far from the bed.

With this post we plan to list the pros and cons of keeping one or more plants in the bedroom for help to decide if it is time to add a natural touch to the decor of the most intimate room of your home.

Pros: They help you sleep better

That’s right, you heard right. Having plants beside the bed can help improve the quality of sleep. According to a study by NASA, in fact, houseplants not only produce additional oxygen that, as any asthmatic can confirm, greatly helps you sleep better, but they also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, natural toxins, such as benzene and formaldehyde. , thus breathing to breathe better.

This is especially valid for plants like jasmine and lavender that also have the added benefit of adding a sweet scent to the room’s scent. Recent studies have shown that, in subjects who sleep in rooms perfumed with flower essences, the level of anxiety falls while cognitive functions and quality of sleep improve. So, if you have trouble sleeping, adding a plant to your bedroom decor could be a valid soul.

Cons: Plants can create disorder

In order to thrive, plants need land and be watered regularly and this can often lead to a bit of confusion and dirt if, for example, the pot is dropped or water is spilled. Therefore it is extremely important to place the plants strategically and to take into account this type of danger.

Placing them in some potentially dangerous place, such as the nightstand or near power outlets, could result in unpleasant consequences if the plant is dropped. In houses where pets live, for example, episodes and gender are commonplace because of their natural curiosity that often makes them protagonists of involuntary domestic disasters

PRO: A touch of relaxation in addition to your decor

Dog sleeping among plants

One of the biggest advantages of having plants at home is that, if well positioned, they add a touch of color and liveliness to the whole environment. If you love nature, creating your own little green space can be an excellent way to create an oasis of relaxation and peace with the added benefit of adding personality to your decor.

Cons: Plants are not always friends with animals

Cat eating plant

If you have dogs and / or cats at home, we advise you to pay particular attention to the choice of plants for your home. Some types of houseplants such as azaleas, cyclamens and kalanchoe, if swallowed, can be very dangerous for our four-legged friends. We suggest, therefore, to always check if the plants you intend to buy for your home are dangerous for your dog (or cat).

PRO: They help the humidity level leaf moisture

In addition to the ability to improve the quality of the air, plants also act as natural dehumidifiers, which makes them especially useful in homes prone to moisture and mildew.

Moreover, the plants have an ingenious ability to absorb, through their leaves, the excess humidity present in the air. This mechanism contributes to less humid domestic environments and therefore less likely to be fertile ground for bacteria and dirt. In this the plants that show the best results are those that grow in tropical areas such as ferns and palms

AGAINST: The indoor environment can be harmful to plants

Although indoor plants do not require much care, sometimes our homes can cause problems. This is especially common in winter when the heating system and the lack of fresh air can be stressful for them

Maintaining the right level of humidity on the earth may require extra care and attention. Sometimes it is enough to change the earth more frequently or simply repot the plant. However, in most cases you just have to worry about not affecting the plant too much or too little. To prevent this from happening simply check the state of the earth first before watering it. If it is dry, add a little water and let it absorb is the right thing to do (it is important not to overdo it because excessive moisture can cause damage to the roots). If it is still very wet, then you can wait a while before adding more water.

The best plants to keep in the bedroom are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Jasmine
  • falangio
  • Spatifillo
  • Sansevieria
  • English Ivy

Summing up we can say that having the right plant in the right place can beautify your home and contribute to your well-being, just remember to lend it due care. A plant can therefore be the ideal gift to add a green touch to a loved one’s house and at the same time help it to rest better.

Author Bio: Jenifer is a professional content writer and a blogger. She is working as a part time in a valentines flower delivery. She loves to read books, listen to music and outing with friends

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8 Must Skin Care Products for Women in 40s




At 40s, it’s a perfect time to change and upgrade your skin care routine and products. This another stage of life requires shifting focus towards promoting collagen and elastin since it’s the phase where wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin problems become noticeable.

You’re not in your mid-20s so it’s time to step up the game and choose carefully the skin care products that touch your skin. Stage 40s is a different arena of skin problems and so the products should be upgraded according to your needs and skin type. The skin care products should be tough and really helpful on your needs.

So, what are the different skin care products that MUST be in your routine at 40 and up? Find out below:

– Use hydrating cleanser

A cleanser is your first in line skin care product. It should be used every day to get away from dirt. Aside from helping to get rid of the day’s filth of makeup, oil, pollution, and dirt, it helps decreasing the chance of clogging the pores. Cleansing is the first step to reverse the day’s wear and tear of the skin. You should choose a hydrating cleanser with nourishing Vitamin E for overall hydration.

– Always use antioxidants and wear sunscreens

– In your 40s, skin tends to be dry. This is why you need both antioxidants and sunscreen so it can protect the collagen and reduce the spots and skin cancer. Choose for thicker, creamier versions of the antioxidants and sunscreen. Make sure it has hydrators and anti-agers. Keep in mind that your 40s is all about protection and prevention. With antioxidant-rich serum, it can repair and hydrate the skin in a much deeper level. It helps in improving skin tone. Always keep antioxidant-rich serum in your beauty kit.

– Use exfoliating product

You can exfoliate twice or thrice a week. It helps in solving the lifeless and dull skin. With dead skin cells that don’t shed as fast as people age, it starts making skin dull and rough. With exfoliation, it helps in shutting down the skin problem before it starts while maintaining a youthful glow. Also, exfoliating product helps keeping the sun damage and wrinkles from worsening.

– Don’t skip the eye cream

In your 40s, eye cream is a necessity. This age is when proliferation of crow’s-feet is visible and dark circles are noticeable. Sometimes, dark circles are chronic issue among women at this age. So, it’s recommended to use eye cream and include it on your routine. Invest in an eye cream with retinol or glycolic acid to boost the collagen production. With eye cream, it helps plumping up the lines and fades the dark circles due to hyperpigmentation.

– Choose Vitamin C Serum

To brighten the skin, fade pigmentation, and protect the skin from harmful pollutants, use Vitamin C Serum. Usually, it is applied once and in the morning. Sometimes it can be used twice, both morning and evening routine. It always depends on the skin care product instructions.

– Incorporate retinol

Rentinol is a Vitamin A derivative. It helps in encouraging the skin cell production, aids in lessening the appearance of fine lines, and evens the discoloration of skin. Adding retinol to your nigh time routine will have huge benefits in the long run. Your 40s is all about super anti-ageing skin care products. So it’s better to have retinol in your regime to increase the collagen synthesis while reducing the collagen breakdown.

– Pick a gentle face cream

No matter what your age is, face cream is always a must on your beauty routine. Dermatologists suggest you pick a moisturizer that focuses on signs of aging such as fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and more. Moisturizer helps in rejuvenating, restoring, and protecting the skin from harmful environmental skin aggressors such as pollution and rays of the sun. it’s perfect for both night and day.

– Use sleeping mask

At night time, our skin is losing its moisture the most. What you can do is soother and hydrate skin by using sleeping mask with lots of moisture-binding humectants, healing ceramides, antioxidants, and natural oils. You can include sleeping mask to our routine once or twice a week. It helps in creating a layer of protection that allow active ingredients to get in while sleeping.

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House Cleaning Company vs. Independent Cleaner




House Cleaning Company vs. Independent Cleaner

Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy house, obviously everyone? But then this question comes that will do it. Homeowners are lazy enough to clean the houses on their own, so they want someone else to do this job. What’s better independent cleaner or house cleaning company? That’s for you to know and for us to help you decide by telling the facts.

Following are some points that will show which more effective, the house is cleaning company or an individual cleaner.


Cleaning companies follow a plan and according to that their professional offers detailed cleaning which is further checked by the supervisor who approves if the cleaning is done according to the company’s standard and reputation.  The company cleaners do effective and organized cleaning under the checklist provided to them.

On the other hand, individual cleaners aren’t that organized, no offense.  They may not do such quality clean like professionals.


Whether you choose to get your house cleaned by the company or an individual, you need someone you can trust with your house, with your belongings, and with your valuables. If you hire professionals from a company, you don’t need to worry about your valuables, as their police records and backgrounds are checked so they are trustworthy.

But unlikely, an individual cleaner won’t be this trustworthy and they can come from any background.


Your lease is ending and you have to give the owner its property back in the tidy condition as mentioned in the agreement. A single person cannot clean whole property alone so for that purpose there are some companies like End of lease cleaning Melbourne, which gives a professional end of lease cleaning experts.


Some property agents can get really cruel and strict on small cleaning mistakes and that might result in the withholding of your bond money. And a single cleaner can definitely make small cleaning errors. To avoid this situation you can take services from vacate cleaning Melbourne, which promises the expert to vacate cleaning services.


Imagine, you have a party on Saturday night at your house, and your cleaner calls in sick, and you can’t do anything about it rather than doing all the work on your own.

But if you choose a cleaning company as your cleaning partner that will never happen because there is always crew working for you and if one worker is unavailable you will have another one in the backup. You will always have a backup crew to handle mishaps like these.


The cleaning companies always have insured workers, which cover their injuries and in-home damages before even you book. And this rarely happens when you hire an individual cleaner. They aren’t insured which means if maid breaks and make damage to any house item so that damage will be on you. You can’t get any compensation for the damage.


Who is going to take care of your house? This is a very serious decision as they will be inside your house near your valuables. Going with professional cleaning will give your mind peace.

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Smartphones options that square measure ever-changing the planet of Photography

The flip of the millennium saw one.2 trillion photos taken in a pair of017




In the last decade, the digital age has born to a great deal of arch photographers and therefore the technical challenges of photography have taken a backseat. The flip of the millennium saw one.2 trillion photos taken in a pair of017. Following this photographic uproar, it’s no surprise that the sales of digital cameras have considerably fallen with smartphone cameras having the ability to try to mimic the actions of a DSLR. Let’s take a glance at what the long run of smartphones future for

Top 6 options that amendment the desire amendment the method you are taking Photos:

Triple Lens Camera :

With a triple camera, you’ll be able to get wide angle shots and optical zoom. The additional cameras square measure powerful tools that improve your photos taken in low-light conditions, dynamic vary, blur effects and enhance digital zooms.

AI Camera :

With the facility of computing designed into the core, the camera is ready to research subjects within the frame and suggests the most filter and effect. Snap a photograph employing a twin sixteen MP Rear Camera with AI-integration. Google lens helps you establish objects and provides elaborate data. You’ll be able to search, search or scan to find out additional regarding what you see, simply purpose and faucet. Even low-light pictures commence brighter with inherent camera changes. If you would like to inform your phone what to try to from farther away, you’ll be able to currently with Google Assistant, mistreatment your voice up to seventeen feet away and kindle what you would like.

4K recording :

An extremist high-definition screen on a tiny low scale could also be restricted, however having the ability to record on 4k takes photography to an entire new level wherever split-second frames from videos square measure used as still photos. Smartphones just like the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone seven and Sony Xperia XZ Premium were the primary to launch 4K HDR screen.

Thermal imaging :

The odd wanting bump on the CAT S61 is wherever the sensors of the technology square measure housed. You’ve got a thermal imaging lens at the highest and a typical sixteen MP twin camera below it. The rear camera streams the planet around it and therefore the thermal imaging overlays a heat map on high it. Once you take an image, you don’t simply see a blob of warmth and color, however you furthermore may see a good define of what you’re viewing. Flir has inherent its technology into a smartphone and is a component of the device’s software system.

360 Degree Video :

Now there square measure several apps designed to form looking at 360 videos easier on your smartphone. The 360-camera permits you to require pictures altogether directions with one shot that permits you to later immerse yourself in Associate in nursing atmosphere as if you were truly there. Samsung’s 360-degree camera is intended specifically for a Gear VR video game platform and is optimized for Galaxy smartphones. It uses 2 lenses, wherever every captures one hundred eighty degrees horizontally and vertically, whereas the camera creates seamless 360-shots at twenty five.9 MP.

Optical Zoom :

The cameras square measure mounted across the phone, thus because the lightweight comes in through the detector that is fitted at Associate in Nursing angle, that runs through the depth of the phone. The lens is physically extended and rather than a digital zoom that imitates the result employing a software system. Some makers have taken it a step more with periscope-style optical zooms and Oppo combines this with a software system to create a ‘dual zoom’.
Professional photography could appear sort of a dying market with the demand for well-equipped camera phones probably to cause a significant dent within the market. With this in mind, skilled photographers may think about aquatics the smartphone wave, with the abundance of advantages and ease in publication.

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