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Portable 3D Scanner: How It Can be Helpful for Different Applications?


Portable 3D Scanner: How It Can be Helpful for Different Applications?

Do you know the 3D scanning systems are mainly used by various industries that includemedical, automotive, manufacturers and even by the aerospace agency. The 3D scanning is a process of basically capturing the digital information that can of any object. The information is collected by the equipment where a laser or light is being used to the object. The 3D scanning can easily capture all the small objects to even the full-size airplanes. The important this is that is can be used for reverse engineering and computer-aided inspections  as well.

It is the 3D laser scanners that basically captures tens of thousands of points per second and it even allow us to inspect parts quickly. In addition to this, there are different 3D scanning advantages and these are mentioned below:

  • It can easily cover the accurate measurement of the object that need to be printed
  • It can even save time in design work
  • The 3D Scanner can even even ensure the part will fit together on the first try
  • It can easily capture the engineering optimizations that can inherently in manufactured parts

 Applications where 3D scanning can be used

  • It can be used for Obsolete, Prototype parts and even for Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Scanner can be used for movies, TV and even for the game
  • Mostly it can be used by Art and Reproductions, Historical Artifacts
  • It can be used by Medical and Dental department

Which is the Best Portable 3D Scanner?

There are a different models of portable 3D scanners and some of these are mentioned below:

Portable 3D Scanner

The XYZprinting Scanner 2.0: It is a Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer of 3D printers, and it is launched its first 3D scanner back in 2015. The model is relatively small and light weight that is 238 grams. It offers the user a greater mobility and even ease of use.

Ciclop 3D scanner by BQ: BQ’s Ciclop scanner is one of the best Open Source 3D scanners. The 3D scanner comes with the Horus software. All its information in terms of design, software and electronic components are free online.

Sense 3D scanner from 3D Systems: 3D Systems was the first company that has entered the 3D printing market and created stereolithography 3D printers. In the present, the company has released the Sense 3D scanner. It is one of the most popular low-cost scanners that can scan large columns ranging from 200 x 200 x 200mm. 

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